"Just Keep Doing What You're Doing"
The Terrell/Payne Eras
Cindy Birdsong When Cindy Birdsong
took a brief
hiatus from the
the group continued
with former Wonderlove
singer Lynda Laurence
(pictured below).

Photo, Copyright
TonyGreen Enterprises

Throughout the 1970s, the Supremes continued to thrill their fans with concerts, television appearances, and great music. A successive string of pop and r&b hits included "Up The Ladder To The Roof," "Everybody's Got The Right To Love," "Stoned Love," "River Deep-Mountain High" (with the Four Tops), "Nathan Jones" (later covered in the 1980s by Bananarama and featured in the movie Rain Man), "Floy Joy," "Automatically Sunshine" and the East coast regional hit, "Bad Weather" written by Stevie Wonder and Ira Tucker, Lynda Laurence's brother. It was later covered by Melissa Manchester. Their final pop top 40 hit came in 1976 with the Scherrie Payne-led single "I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking," a song later adopted as the campaign theme of the American Heart Association.


Mary Wilson debut album
Mary Wilson c. 1980

Since the dissolution of the group in 1977, Wilson has gone on to become a best-selling author and stage actress while maintaining a solo singing and recording career. Jean Terrell also ventured out as a soloist but has since retired, performing only occasionally while raising her family. Cindy retired from the business as well, however, Scherrie Payne, Lynda Laurence, and Susaye Greene still record and perform.

Mary, Scherrie, and Susaye
Mary, Scherrie, and Susaye 1976
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Supremes 1970s and Diana Ross

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Lynda Laurenece
Lynda Laurence, Chicago, 1972.
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Jean Terrell
Jean Terrell, Chicago, 1972.
Photo, Copyright TonyGreen
Enterprises, 1999-2012

Mary Wilson
Mary Wilson
, Chicago, 1972.
Photo, Copyright TonyGreen Enterprises, 1999-2012

Susaye Greene
Scherrie Payne
Susaye Greene (top), and
Scherrie Payne Detroit, 1976.
Photos, Copyright
TonyGreen Enterprises,